Saturday, October 10, 2015

Breaking Ground (Formerly known as Revolutionary Divas) Season 1: Episode 1

Breaking Ground is here! Breaking Ground which is formerly known as "Revolutionary Divas" makes it debut to the RW Network today. Heidi Klum will be hosting Breaking Ground this season. You may be familiar with this season's judges as they were also the judges for Revolutionary Divas Season 1 and Season 2. AJ Lee and Carmella will be Breaking Ground's judges for this season.

The winner of this season's show will earn the following: 3 Month Contract allowing the contestant to cash in for a title of their choosing, at any time, any place. A renewed $70,000 contract with Revolution Wrestling. Front cover of REVOLUTION MAGAZINE. Hair and makeup at every event for 3 months, courtesy of Marie Clare. A trip to The French Riviera, courtesy of Air France. And a 3 month lease to a loft, in the Trump Tower, in the heart of New York City, furnished by Lay-Z-Boy and Brooke Shields.

Who will be the first eliminated tonight? Who will be the winner of Breaking Ground Season 1? Many questions are asked but the only way to find the answer is to tune into Breaking Ground on the RW Network for just $9.99!

Heidi Klum

AJ Lee

Billie Kay
Eva Marie
Kelly Kelly
Rosa Mendes

Breaking Ground Season 1: Episode 1

1st: After the Breaking Ground intro the cameras will pan to the studio which shows the judges and the host. The host will tell the universe on what Breaking Ground is, how to win it, and what you'll win after the season is done. Heidi will give the judges some time to talk and then when Heidi says let's meet the contestants, the contestants will arrive in limos outside of the studio one by one. Once they step out of the limo they will walk to the studio as they walk to the studio their confessional bio will play. They will tell who they are, where they are from, and why they are here. And then enter the studio. After all the contestants are in the studio with the judges and the host, Heidi the host, will say some things to them, and then introduce the contestants to the judges, letting each judge have a few words!  The judges will then wave off and the spotlight turns back to Heidi where she sends the contestants to check out their home for the competition!

2nd: The girls will then do what Heidi tells them to do as they follow Heidi to the house. After the girls pick their room and things, Heidi will then call them down and tell them the challenge of the day.

3rd: The contestants participate in the challenge of the day.

4th: After the challenge of the day, Heidi will announce the winner and tell them the prize they have for winning the challenge.

5th: Heidi will send everyone up to their room, telling them that elimination will be coming soon.

-Commercial Break-

6th: After commercial ends we will see the contestants standing downstairs with the judges as the judges talk about the girl's performances for today's challenge. The judges will then call out two contestants who did the worst. When the two comes up the judges will give both girls the time to tell why they should not be eliminated from the show. After that, AJ Lee will say voting starts now! Text (DM RWAJLee) on who you think from the bottom two should be eliminated from the show. The bottom two can not vote, the only ones voting are the other contestants. The one with the most votes will be eliminated off of Breaking Ground.

-Commercial Break- We go to commercial as the girls send in their votes. The judges will collect the votes.

7th: We come back as AJ and Carmella are saying the votes are in. They will tell who's eliminated and who's still in the competition.

8th: The eliminated girl will go to her room and pack her stuff up. She will then leave into her limo as she does a confessional on her departure from the show.

*A trailer for next week's episode is shown*