Saturday, October 17, 2015

Breaking Ground Season 1: Episode 3

The winner of this season's show will earn the following: 3 Month Contract allowing the contestant to cash in for a title of their choosing, at any time, any place. A renewed $70,000 contract with Revolution Wrestling. Front cover of REVOLUTION MAGAZINE. Hair and makeup at every event for 3 months, courtesy of Marie Clare. A trip to The French Riviera, courtesy of Air France. And a 3 month lease to a loft, in the Trump Tower, in the heart of New York City, furnished by Lay-Z-Boy and Brooke Shields.

AJ Lee

Billie Kay
Eva Marie
Kelly Kelly
Rosa Mendes

Torrie Wilson

Breaking Ground Season 1: Episode 3 - "Halloween Special Part 1"
1st: The contestants are shown in their rooms waking up, eating breakfast.

2nd: The judges limo arrive and they enter the mansion.

3rd: The judges talk about what happened last week on Breaking Ground and what to expect for this week.

4th: *** tells the contestants the challenge of the day.

*Commercial Break*

5th: We come back with the girls and judges ready downstairs for the challenge of the day.

6th: The contestants will complete the challenge of the day.

7th: After the challenge, AJ Lee will tell the winner what they earned for the day.

8th: The judges talk for a while about how the girl's did in the challenge.

*Commercial Break*

9th: The judges pick out two contestants who did the worst in today's challenge. AJ will choose first and let the contestant she chose talk for a moment, saying why she thinks she shouldn't be eliminated tonight. After the first girl's speech, Carmella will pick another contestant and let her speak on why she shouldn't be eliminated tonight.

10th: After both girl's are done with their word of speech, voting will start.

11th: Voting begins. Text (DM RWAJLee) on who you think that is in the bottom two should be eliminated. Only the remaining contestants that's not in bottom two can vote.

*Commercial Break*

12th: We come back from the break and AJ tells everyone who the eliminated girl will be.

13th: The eliminated girl gets a confessional as they leave the mansion into their limo.

*Trailer for next week's part 2 Halloween Episode*