Thursday, September 17, 2015

TEA TIME with JoJo Offerman!

Hello and welcome back to Tea Time with JoJo Offerman
Now that I'm back...nobody and I mean NOBODY is safe.

The tea is hotter than ever this week, so let's get started!

"getting that D "
Rosa posts on Instagram
First up this week is the story behind Rosa Mendes' suspension:
Last week Stephanie McMahon shocked everybody by suspending one of Rebellion's top Divas in Rosa Mendes...After speaking to Rosa Mendes and trying to spill the tea for all my viewers I got to know that Rosa Mendes was supposed to appear on Rebellion...

Instead of showing up to her job Rosa spent the night with her fiancé Bobby Shubenski. She sure wasn't lying, like we learned from her Social Media accounts.

Next up we'll be talking about somebody who has been letting jaws (and pants) drop all around the locker room...One of RW's newest Divas Zahra Schreiber shocked everybody after REVOLUTION Wrestling fans discovered old Instagram posts, proudly showing off a swastika in her apartment.

After speaking to RW Divas like Naomi and Alicia Fox, I can confirm that Zahra has definitely turned some heads among RW.

"This bitch is cray, cray. Ain't nobody feel save around her no more" Naomi states after discovering the shocking pictures.

I can confirm that Zahra Schreiber has officially been released by REVOLUTION Wrestling.

The last story for the night is some Behind The Scenes INSIDE TEA
After making it's glorious return tonight...I can officially confirm that TEA TIME with your girl JoJo Offerman will be airing LIVE on September 20th at UNFORGIVEN only on RW Network.

You probably wonder who my guest will be...Well I won't give that away that easily!
See you at Unforgiven and remember...there's ALWAYS time for tea.