Tuesday, September 22, 2015

BREAKING NEWS: RW Diva involved in car crash!

Tamina posted this picture of her car after the accident
on her official Instagram account
After many open questions and people wondering where Tamina has been...

Very, very shocking and sad news hit Revolution Wrestling as RW Diva Tamina Snuka has been involved in a scary car accident earlier this week. She was on her way home after dropping her 13 year old daughter Milaneta off at school and ended up being the victim of this car crash.

Luckily she survived the accident and got away with a broken leg. That also seems to be the reason she was not apparent at Monday Night Genesis, alongside her tag team partner
AJ Lee.

Tamina will be on the next episode of Genesis for an emotional heart-to-heart Interview in a special LIVE Edition of Tea Time with JoJo Offerman.

After mixed feelings and many sleepless nights, she will finally open up about her father's arrest, her children, previous rumors and more...