Friday, September 25, 2015

Revolution Wrestling: Breaking Ground is coming to RW.

Do you think you are the next big thing of Revolution Wrestling!? Well, this is your opportunity to prove it! Breaking Ground, formerly known as Revolutionary Divas, is coming to RW soon. Eight divas will fight for their dream to become a champion. The winner doesn't only get a contract, but she also gets $250.000 AND will be featured on the cover of RW's REVOLUTION Magazine.
 AJ Lee and Carmella are coming back as judges, but there will be a lot of guest judges such as   Alicia Fox, Eve Torres and more!
 The cast will be releaved with pictures in the next couple of weeks. So far Billie Kay, Tara, Cameron and Sable have been confirmed and 4 Divas left. There will be a lot of new challenges and new experiences for the cast and for the judges. So tell us, are you excited for this new season?