Friday, December 23, 2016


  • After shockingly losing a Fatal 4 Elimination match, Charlotte Flair is said to take a different route as a singles competitor. Officials say she may introduce a new title like she did in the past with the Queen of RW Crown, or she may win the Royal Rumble match and main event Wrestlemania. Some even say she may not achieve a singles title until after Wrestlemania. More info to come.
  • Creative has reportedly felt like they have nothing for Taryn Terrell anymore as the RW Champion from a television standpoint. She was reportedly supposed to drop the title to Summer Rae at TLC and have two title changes occur that night, but the results were changed last minute due to Summer having a month off doing promo for RW. 
  • Regarding another title, Naomi has reportedly lost all favor she had backstage. Officials say she's irritable about losing the RW Womens Championship to Natalya at TLC and is reportedly close to getting cut from Total Divas. The Compton diva reportedly hasn't been featured on any of the recent posters as well. She was however seen at a recent live event sporting a...different set of attires than usual.
  • Brie Bella and a returning Michelle McCool have also reportedly impressed the higher-ups thus far and have big things ahead of them in 2017.
  • Lastly, two big RW returns and debuts are said to happen around the new year. Former RW diva and a descendant of Aztec natives, Rosa Isabella Mendes-Shubenski has been seen around the performance center talking to head coach William Regal and many think she could be one of the big names.

Keep your eyes peeled for more information on these topics.