Saturday, December 3, 2016

REVOLUTION PRESENTS: Tea Time with JoJo Offerman!

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Awkward silence as Me and Tea Time
producer Naomi join Tamina and Paige

Starting up this week, it seems as Paige is on thin ice with the company, after she got into an altercation with single-mother Tamina Snuka. Witnesses report that Paige, real name Saraya Bevis, bumped into Snuka Backstage and after Tamina apologized, Bevis pledged her allegiance to Donald Trump and repeatedly called the openly gay Superstar "Ta-Dyke-A".

No word on how Revolution Wrestling is going to handle this sticky situation, but things aren't looking very bright for Paige, as many people Backstage, amongst friends of hers, seem very worried for the British Wrestling sensation.

It seems as the Women's Division has been getting catty lately, as the next story also involves a huge Backstage fight.

A frightened Asuka alongside her oppressor Sasha Banks
The fallout involved Sasha Banks and Asuka. The two Top Dogs got into a heated altercation when Asuka went too far and called Banks a "Diva". Apparently Sasha reacted with disgust and started throwing water bottles, calling the confused Japanese Superstar "Ass Car" and telling her she should "go back to Osaka" and mind her own business, as they're Women's Wrestlers and not Divas anymore.

RW Staff Member Naomi managed to take a picture of the altercation, showing off Asuka, trying to escape her oppressor Sasha Banks.

Insiders report that Sasha has been seen mopping floors in RW's Backstage area this past week. It is believed that Officials punished her this way, in an effort to keep the incident under covers.
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