Thursday, November 10, 2016

RW Exclusive Interview: Billie Kay and Peyton Royce

The RW Universe was stunned when Peyton Royce was announced as the next challenger for RW Women’s Champion Mickie James. Peyton Royce will be going up against the champion Mickie James at the Survivor Series Pay-Per-View with the Women's Championship on the line. Revolution Wrestling got the chance to talk with both Billie Kay and Peyton Royce about their return, their thoughts on the current champions and more! You can read the interview down below.

RW: How excited were you two to come back to RW?

Peyton Royce: It was..If I'm being honest, very strange at first. And it took a little bit of persuading after the previous rejections I gave the company, but now that I'm back. I know I made the right decision, very excited for what is to come.

Billie Kay: We were very excited, honestly. We both thought we didn't really leave an impact like we should have in our previous times around, so once that call came we almost immediately knew our answers.

RW: Peyton, you are currently the Number One Contender for the RW Women's Championship. How did you feel when you heard the announcer announcing you the NEW Number One Contender?

Peyton Royce: How did I feel? I felt amazing! Since coming back I've won every single match I've competed in. It's given me a real confidence boost and hopefully I can change from contender to champion real soon.

RW:  The match at Survivor Series will be huge. This will be your first title match, Peyton. Do you think you are ready for a match like this?

Peyton Royce: It is very early into my career, It'll be what? Like my 4th match since returning. But saying that, yes I do think I'm ready to be champion. But if I was to lose I do know I'll have many more amazing opportunities.

RW: Billie, how are you feeling knowing that Peyton has the chance to fight for the title come Survivor Series and you don't?

Billie Kay: Well...I know a lot of people expect me to be bitter and jealous, but I'm the exact opposite. I couldn't be happier for my girl Peyton! She's just going to prove the statement we returned with, and it's that it's our time to run the division and save it from the hole it's falling into.

RW: Do you see yourself as a champion here in the near future?

Billie Kay: Of course I do. This isn't an elementary school tournament, you don't get a prize for just participating. The goal of every one here is to get gold. I'll put it this way. The best woman in that locker room is going to rise to the occasion, sooner than what some of the women in the back and the fans think.

RW: Are there any other women in this company that you two look up to and respect?

Peyton Royce: No comment.

Billie Kay: No comment.

RW: Peyton, what are your thoughts on Mickie James as a person and more importantly as a champion?

Peyton Royce: I think that Mickie James is a disgrace. Type her name into a search engine and you'd be appalled by some of the imagery that appears. She's overweight which reflects badly onto the company and even though she's OKAY at wrestling, I don't think she represents the championship well at all.

RW: Billie, what are your thoughts on the other champion, the RW Champion, Taryn Terrell?

Billie Kay: I was hoping you'd get to this question. My thoughts on Taryn Terrell? Simple actually. She's nothing but a big joke. I thought she quit wrestling to become a nun or something like that. Now she's holding the RW Championship? That just shows how that title is going to be run into the ground with her as it's holder.

RW: The tag team titles here are currently retired. If you two had the power to bring back those titles would you?

Peyton Royce: Now what do you think? Is that a serious question? We'd love to bring back the tag titles. We might give Stephanie a call.

Billie Kay: I don't really see any compatible or worthy enough teams that would be able to keep up with me and Peyton. I'd feel sad for the other girls.

RW: And lastly, what could the RW Universe expect to see for Billie Kay and Peyton Royce these upcoming months?

Billie Kay: I'm not going to say much but...just know that you'll be hearing our names for some time to come, I promise you that.

Peyton Royce: I'm not going to just spurt out all of our plans. I'll tease them to you. In the upcoming months RW, expect a LOT of tears. And I guarantee the tears will not be coming from mine or Billie's eyes.

Peyton Royce will be fighting for her first championship here in Revolution Wrestling at RW Survivor Series on November 20th, 2016. Peyton Royce vs Mickie James, Women's Championship, you don't want to miss this.