Thursday, August 18, 2016

SummerSlam Title Matches Rules

CHAMPIONSHIP SCRAMBLE: The match starts with two divas and every 10 minutes a new diva comes out until every diva has entered the match. There will be 6 divas participating in the match. Similar to regular matches, competitors in the match have to perform atleast 4 moves on the person they're trying to score a pin on.  Each time a wrestler scores a pinfall or submission they become the interim or unofficial champion, and such reigns are not recorded as official reigns in the history books. Ten minutes after the final wrestler enters, the wrestler that scores/scored the last pinfall or submission is declared the winner and becomes the official Women's champion. There will be a special guest time keeper and a referee. Since there will be more than 2 divas in the ring, when one person refreshes, everyone refreshes and the time pauses until everyone is back which means the time resumes. Whenever the timer ends, the time keeper will say "TIME!". The winner of the championship match will be the person who successfully scored the last pinfall or submission win.

LADDER MATCH: The match starts with the competitors. 2 ladders will be surrounding the ring. Whenever one person goes to grab a ladder, that person has to roll the ladder in, in order to win. Competitors in the match must hit at least 4 moves on ONE person before their attempt to climb the ladder. To win the match, the competitors have to say either of these two, "GRABS TITLE" or "PULLS TITLE" and the referee for the match will count to 4 in separate comments. To stop that person from getting the win, the other competitors have to type "PULLS DOWN" or "DRAGS DOWN" before the four count. "PUSHES LADDER DOWN" or anything that results in the ladder falling down before the ref reaches the 4 count. The person who successfully grabs the title/championship will be the champion.