Friday, August 5, 2016

RW NEWS: Huge Pushes Coming for Top RW Divas, Diva Injured, Heat on Diva

RW officials are said to be extremely thrilled with RW Diva Alexa Bliss. Officials believe that Alexa has what it takes to be the face of RW. That may be the reason why she has two wins over current RW Women's champion Naomi. Alexa Bliss is said to be getting an RW Women's championship match at SummerSlam.

Officials also see big things coming for the daughter of Ric Flair, Charlotte. Officials believe that Charlotte has been impressing the RW Universe and even many Divas backstage since her return. Many believe that Charlotte will become the next Women's champion sooner or later, Charlotte is expected to be the Women's champion heading into next year's Wrestlemania.

-Melina is reportedly out of action with an undisclosed injury. Her last match came on the July 20th RW Main Event, a loss to Brie Bella. There's no word yet on when Melina will be cleared to return.

-RW Diva Dana Brooke is facing major heat after her comments about Carmella. Here's what Dana had to say,

"She's been champ for what? 9 days or maybe more, she's just a place holder and she got a fluke win that night against Becky at Battleground. So really and truly I have no thoughts, I mean she's just there and I forgot she was even champion which means she's irrelevant in my book. I know something though, Carmella if we ever step foot in that ring just know that playtime will be over."

Officials believe that Dana should have nothing but good things to say about the champions, especially when she's on a part-time schedule. This has also caused tension between Dana and the Divas backstage. Most Divas want her fired because they believe she's holding up spots for women who wants to be in RW.