Saturday, August 29, 2015


         Almost a year ago, Revolution Wrestling was born. It's been an amazing and exciting year so far... many things have changed, people here and gone, but one thing has always seemed to remain the same. For as long as we have been roleplay wrestling, the creative team  has been in charge of the storylines and the booking. Starting this Monday, this will all change. Your creative team, Marcus, Ann, Aslan, and Savanna, will continue to pair and book the feuds, but they will no longer write the stories. Once you have been addressed of your new rivalry and feud, you and whoever is in your feud, will be in charge first hand on the storyline process. This will get people excited about roleplay once again. There will be limitations on what you can do, rules will be posted shortly. In light of a year as a successful roleplay company, we wanted to switch things up to keep things fresh, to get people excited about roleplay again! Also coming soon to Revolution Wrestling are changes such as Roster Trades, Ratings War, Outside of the Ring Roleplay, such as signings, Press Conferences, and TV Show interviews! Roleplay is getting a complete overhaul. Welcome this new change. Welcome to the new Revolution.

         Also brought in with the new changes, will be the debut of the brand split! Below is the official brand split rosters from respected brands.

Starting Monday, the new brand split will be implemented with an all new schedule coming your way!

Monday - Genesis Brand Present, Monday Night Genesis!

Wednesday - Duo Brand Show, Enigma!

Friday - Rebellion Brand Present, Friday Night Rebellion!