Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Revolution Wrestling: Champions Chat With The Roster

Revolution Wrestling got the chance to talk to the roster about the current champions today. The roster had a lot to say about the champions. Here's what the roster thought...

Thoughts on X Division Champion Eve Torres, her current work, her title reign and who do you think will beat her for the X Division Championship?

Aksana: Eve is very indipendint women. She kno whot she want and she do her best to get it. Im impressed by her...but not that impressed. As for who will take champienship..I say my guhd friend Aleesha shud..So she cen stop talkin bout her divas behind ropes 'push'. -crosses arms and smiles-

Alexa Bliss: Eve... we used to be friends, ya' know. From what I see, she's doing great, promos, in-ring performance and reign... who will beat her tho? Ha, I, would beat her... such a shame I'm already holding a title, right? If I have to choose tho... I guess Rosa or Ivy have a bigger chance to beating her than all these other losers.

Angelina Love: Eve Torres, honestly I could care less she was dumb for teaming up with Madison...her title reign has not been that great I guess it's ok, I think Madison will beat her for that title better an ex-Beautiful Person than some loser....

Becky Lynch: I think current X Division champion is a great wrestler, great on mic and gets on well with the fans and also the current babyfaces of the company. Her title reign is good but sometimes it's the same old stuff in her title rivalries. I think Madison Rayne will beat Eve for the title because she beat her before and she can do it again.

Beth Phoenix: Eve Torres is a great competitor, she's smart and strong no doubt about that, her title reign is a mess, she stole the X Division title from Rosa by playing dirty by hitting her with the briefcase, dirty move. If anyone can beat her for the X Division title, it would be me. I squashed her in under 30 seconds, I'll do the same thing but this time I'll snatch the title from her.

Brie Bella: She has made the X Division title prestigious and has received the utmost respect from the RW Universe. Probably the greatest X Division champion of all time. If anybody can take that title from her, it's either Gail Kim or Madison Rayne.

Brooke Tessmacher: I haven't seen Eve yet so I don't know about her current work or title reign. But she could be beaten by Carmella.

Carmella: I think that Eve really deserved the title, but she's not a good "champion" in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, she was, but now it looks like she has become really lazy, like Aksana.

Cassie:  Eve is a great champion and wrestler, don't have anything else to say. Her current work is good same with her title reign. As for who I think will beat her for the X Division Title, I would say AJ Lee but now that she's gone, my money is on Madison.

Cody Rhodes: She's a good performer and has had a decent reign. Torrie will beat her.

Dean Ambrose: One bombshell against another. Nikki Bella's elbow would be a significant threat to Eve's title.

Ivelisse: To think I had respect for Eve? She's been slowly going on a downward spiral. I saw her dark match with Jade. The fact she couldn't carry someone as bad as her exposes her flaws in the ring. I wouldn't be so surprised if Madison wins the X Division championship off of her. We need a breath of fresh air, and someone who will do their best in making the X Division look like it's on top of the world.

Kelly Kelly: I like Eve, she's great, she's better than everyone! I think a returning Cameron will beat her for that title or Beth maybe.

Lita: Personally, Eve has really been a real reflection of myself. I'm not a pro in this company yet, but I've had a wealth of experience. I see the drive, motivation, and heart in her like I did my young self. Her title reign has really been one of the best this company has ever seen. Win after win. And if you ask me, I don't think anyone is going to slow her down anytime soon.

Madison Rayne: Eve Torres is a wannabee housewife, who thinks she's the best wrestler in the world because she knows MMA and I know I will beat her and be a better champion than she ever was.

Maxine:  Eve doesn't deserve to be a champion period. She shouldn't be champ.

Naomi: Who? That's my answer she's relying on Madison to save that reign but Madison can hardly keep her career afloat.

Nikki Bella: Eve is a good champion. Title reign is good. She is bringing back relevancy to the title. Which is easy because the Women's is a mess. Who's the champion again? Who will beat her for title? I don't fucking know.

Roman Reigns: The X Division title itself speaks enough. She's doing good but I see Melina beating her.

Rosa Mendes: Eve is okay, although that fiasco with Jade was not okay. She is a chica that knows she's worse than me, and I've decided to let her have the title. I don't really know who's gonna beat her, because she's so irrelevant to me.

Sable: I am unfamiliar with her or her reign. Again I don't go for those second sorted titles. World champion or Women's champion is what I want. Becky's days of being a champion are coming to an end. I can outplay all of those girls if I have to, I am new here, you don't know much and you have seen nothing yet. Now please, I'm training, so could you not disturb me, unless you're giving me a title match?

Sami Zayn: You know, I don't know a lot about Eve. But I do know a lot about what the X Division means. That championship is not safe with anyone. There will always be a person next in line ready to take it. It just depends on the night.

Sasha Banks: She is powerful and a great champion. She does come across as a bit fake but a lot of girls in the back do. I think that anyone can beat her. It might be a returning diva or Bayley.....Ok that second one was a joke. But yeah she's cool I guess.

Taryn Terrell: She's a dip shit. What work? Her title reign sucks dick. Oh and I'll beat her.

Torrie Wilson: Well, Eve Torres is one hell of a champion to put in it a sentence. She is an incredible wrestler and great with the new divas. Her title reign has been ok to be honest. Not much to say about it considering she has been champ for what? 25 days? Now who I think will  beat her. Well I honestly don't know, there is great talent backstage waiting to get their hands on her. But if I had to choose it would be...Madison Rayne. She is a great worker and I believe she deserves a title reign.

Trish Stratus: I think Eve is a great champion and is slowly bringing relevance to the title. Her ring work and character work is great. And who would beat her I don't know..maybe me?! -laughs- But I don't know. How about Ivelisse?

Velvet Sky: I think Eve as the X-Division Champion is doing an okay job....but I think Gail Kim will win the title again and end her useless reign.

Eve Torres will face Madison Rayne with the X Division title on the line July 4th at the Japan Pay-Per-View. Eve is now at 33 days as X Division Champion in her second reign.

Thoughts on Tag Team champions Alicia Fox and Carmella, their current work, their title reign, and who do you think will beat them for the titles?

Aksana: Aleesha and Camella....hmmm..Dey fine I guess, but not better than my tital rein when backy was...relyin on me and lettin me do all work. As to who will beat dem...I don kno....Is hard to predict wit all this FLOPS around.

Alexa Bliss: Both ladies have physical and mental strength to over come a lot of teams currently, which is good... now, it's not like there aren't any tough tag teams in the division anyways... TBP? Who else...? In my opinion, they'll have a pretty long reign... It's going good as of now.. Who could beat them though? I am SO sure that The Beautiful People could kick their ass.........when pigs fly.

Angelina Love: Oh my god, Carmella and Alicia well I guess what they have been doing is good. They had a good reign I guess but they will lose those titles to The Beautiful People and we will be the new champions.

Becky Lynch: I think Alicia and Carmella are great champions. They work amazing together and I see they have a great future together. Their title reign is good never gets boring. I do think Trish and Lita will take them titles from them.

Brie Bella: They're recently the most dominant tag team on the roster, I don't see them dropping the titles in the near future. When it comes to beating them, I guess we need some twin magic.

Brooke Tessmacher: Carmella oh she's a delight! Alicia on the other hand is a witch! They make a good team and should be able to defend their title. Nobody can beat them.

Cassie: Alicia and Carmella are amazing Tag Team Champions, their general work ethic is great and their in ring ability is always at a high standard. Their title reign so far has been good, no complaints beside the lack of contenders. Who I think will beat them? I think at this point the only worthy contenders for the tag titles would none other than the Beautiful Fierce Females of RW, since they didn't get their rematch clause the return of the BFFs would definitely give Alicia Fox and Carmella a run for their money!

Dean Ambrose: At the moment, not sure if anyone can beat them. They're on a roll and I'm definitely shocked by it.

Eve Torres: Alicia and Carmella are doing amazing. I know when I wanted to go after the tag titles it was a lot of work, and I know lots of other girls are willing to put stuff aside to team up and try to grab the gold from them. I think they've got a lot of eyes on them and a lot of girls that want that spot and they're doing amazing with the pressure. I personally believe that if anyone is going to take the title from them, it's going to be Rosa and her minion Ivelisse. I've had my share of rodeos with them and I know how they play.

Kelly Kelly: They smell but they're okay wrestlers. Jade and Summer with the aid of Ant-man will definitely beat them.

Lita: Alicia Fox and Carmella could've easily been the most hated people on the roster, due to their fancy, fabulous, style and their in-ring prowess, but they aren't. They're the EXACT opposite.  They're the most loved women, and for good reason. Their current work, is something to watch. I think they'll only get better and better. If they can get any better that is. Their title reign has been great! I've enjoyed turning on my TV backstage, before I even debuted, watching at home, thinking, "These women are something to strive to be.'' And who can beat them? I want to say me and Trish, yeah, me and Trish Stratus can beat them. They have the experience edge, definitely. But that doesn't matter when the other team has the heart and devotion to catapult to the top of the ladder.

Madison Rayne: They are great and work well together, and I don't think any tag teams in the division can beat them at the moment.

Maxine: Um, I don't know who will beat them but they're good. Maybe me and Taryn could have a tag match but right now I'm working on having a singles title. But maybe the tag titles could be a start.

Mighty Molly: Well the tag team division lacks any real talent in it so really no one cares who will beat them for it and their reign is so boring. They might as well just vacate the title now.

Nikki Bella: They're cool. Even though Candice said she was going to kill them. Anyways reign is good. Work is great. Their title reign is okay. I forgot they were champs. No shade. I think vacancy, egos and jealousy will beat them for title.

Roman Reigns: The self proclaimed Queen of Staten Island and the Foxy one [smirks] it wouldn't surprise me if the BFF's come up with a plan to win it back.

Rosa Mendes: Alicia Fox and Carmella are random chicas. I found out who they were about 2 weeks ago. Rosa doesn't care about anything else other than what involves her so..

Sable: I don't do tag teams, so I could care less. I only manage successful people or I make myself successful. No tag teams thank you.

Sami Zayn: Fox and Carmella are two fast-thinking and witty people. As we speak, I don't think anybody can outplay them for those belts. You need two people who are willing to bend the rules to do whatever it takes.

Sasha Banks: Carmella is my girl. She is my best friend in the locker room. Alicia Fox is hilarious and cool to be around. When it comes to their current work they slay. These girls have been on top of their game for the longest time and I don't think anyone will be able to beat them for a long time.

Taryn Terrell: Hhmmm well to be honest, no thoughts since I have not even heard of them they're probably nobodies.

Torrie Wilson: The current RW Tag champs Carmella and Alicia are one of the the best if not the best tag teams we've had in RW. Their "promos" and segments are always entertaining and creative. As for their reign as champs it started off great with the Candice Michelle and Nikki Bella "feud'', but I feel it's starting to slow down. As much as I like this team and their reign, it has to come to an end at some point. I feel Trish and Lita will be the ones to dethrone them.

Trish Stratus: They are good, and they are both great wrestlers. But I think me and Lita will beat them.

Velvet Sky: Carmella and Alicia now that's a name I know too well. Their team work is great, they do great in the ring, and Carmella is a tough person to beat in the ring... Alicia not so much their title reign is steady right now but it just takes one person to bring down their friendship and as to who will beat them? Hopefully me and Angelina but I have to say I think the Doll House might but doubt it.

Carmella and Alicia Fox will defend their Tag Team titles July 4th against Trish Stratus and Lita. They are at 65 days as Tag Team champions.


What are your thoughts on current Women's Champion Alexa Bliss, her current work, her title reign, and who you think will beat her for the Women's Championship?

Angelina Love: Alexa that cute little fairy...I think she just proved everyone wrong she's champion like she said she would be, congrats. She's hard working. She's had a good reign so far lets see how far she can get, and I think well, Velvet could beat her for it if she could learn to be better..

Becky Lynch: I think Alexa Bliss is a really good champion but I don't see her having the title for much longer. I feel if you give Trish or Carmella a match for the title I would say they would beat her for her title.

Beth Phoenix: Alexander Bliss is a good wrestler, very athletic and a high flyer but her title reign is messy, she hasn't defended her title in days because of injury, and to be honest, no one stepped up challenging her, but I would take the challenge her for the title if accepted.

Brie Bella: Incredible talent, glad to see she's finally getting the spotlight. Well, she has out shined half of the roster. So probably one of the new additions Brooke or Maryse might end her reign.

Brooke Tessmacher: Honestly I think Alexa Bliss is a sweetheart and her wrestling is top notch. But her title reign might not last long. Carmella will beat her.

Carmella: Alexa is a good champion. She is the full package, but I think she needs a real challenger. Hopefully, we get a good one for the PPV. Now, I want Nikki or Brie to finally get their chance for the women's championship and win it. So I'm rooting for them!

Cassie: Alexa Bliss has been great overall, her current work has been 100 and same goes for her title reign. I'm not really liking her attitude change, but whatever makes her happy! As for who will beat her for the title, at this point I honestly have no clue.

Dean Ambrose: She's a feisty one no doubt. But she's quite impressive as well. She needs a challenge. Put her up against Brie Bella.

Ivelisse: Alexa has been slacking severely in her title reign. She hasn't done anything interesting since having Sasha Banks rage in the middle of their title match I literally forgot she was even women's champion.

Kelly Kelly: Good but not as good as Jillian. I saw that one tragic match against Sasha and I never watched her again. I think I'll beat her though xo.

Lita: Alexa, is one that I never thought would rise to the occasion. I used to watch her at home before trying out myself, and shake my head. She had promise in her, but I thought she'd be one of those girls that gets lost in the shuffle. God was I wrong. I honestly think she's the best Women's Champion we've had. She works hard, she's determined, AND she has the in ring skill to back all that up. I don't really know who is going to beat her for the title. But one thing is for sure, whoever does, it isn't happening any time soon.

Madison Rayne: I feel Alexa is okay just okay, anyone even Hornswoggle can take the title from her, I feel her worth as champion still remains to be seen.

Maxine: Well she's injured so I think someone eventually will, I mean some of the other divas don't even try to get a shot at any of the titles but I would love to face her as soon as she's back. Actually shouldn't she be stripped because how long has she's been out of action?

Mighty Molly: I think her recent change in attitude has brought out the best in her but of course that's not enough to stop me so if given the chance it will be me to beat her for the belt.

Naomi: Dumb trash can with stripper glitter on her. Do you think you're funny? Of course A Bella or Paige because that's how bookings work in RW.

Nikki Bella: Alexa is a great champion. Just wish she defended more. Her title reign is okay. She needs more competition. I think I could beat her for title but since I'm an executive backstage, Carmella will.

Roman Reigns: Why you asking me a question about another talent? All questions should be about me but as for her reign goes I'm picking Paige to beat her.

Sable: I think the girl is nailing it! She deserves everything she gets. I highly doubt anyone can beat her right now, if she needs help she has support from me. I am totally #TeamAlexa. However I've got some tricks up my sleeve and I also aim for the gold.

Sami Zayn: Alexa is a hard worker, but I know this company is full of them. There are definitely some people that are primed to take the title. However I think it'll be somebody that nobody will be expecting.

Sasha Banks: Alexa Bliss...Well for starters she is finally showing her true colors. I told everyone she was a terrible person, but no one believed me until she turned on Bayley. As for her current ring work I think she's good but not good enough to hold on to the title I gave relevance. Now I don't know who's gonna beat her for that title but I do know we have some unfinished business.

Torrie Wilson: I think Alexa Bliss is great champion so far. She is one of the best heels in the division, she just knows how to get under the crowds skin. I think her title reign has been good! She is proving every week why she should be the champ. As for who will beat her...hmm..I really don't know to be honest! I know all the girls and even me are looking for a shot at her title! But I know whoever steps up to the plate will do great against her, but she also won't be a easy task. We'll just have to watch and see.

Trish Stratus: She is a great wrestler, and her title reign is awesome and I think she is really legitimizing the belt again. Who will beat her, I don't know, maybe KC?

Velvet Sky: Alexa is doing an amazing job, actually she knows how to get the work done in the ring and let's leave it at that. Who will beat her? I don't know someone probably won't beat her for a long time, we'll just have to see.

Alexa will defend her title July 4th and the fans get to vote on who she gets to face! Alexa is at 44 days as Women's Champion.

What are your thoughts on World Champion Becky Lynch, her current work, her title reign, and who you think will defeat her for the title?

Alexa Bliss: Thoughts? Someone more deserving should have that title! We had Aksana, she put every effort in that ring and then a nobody like Becky Lynch beats her? That is utterly disgusting and unfair! Her current work speaks for itself and she doesn't really put enough work in her matches! Yes, maybe she beat me once but I slipped! Completely NOT my fault. Now who do I think will beat her? I would say Aksana... but everyone knows I'm the best diva in the division. Too bad I already have my hands wrapped around gold!

Beth Phoenix: Becky Lynch came a long way, she's earned that world title, she's the most technically profound RW diva in the whole division. If anyone could beat her, it would be Aksana, she knows about Becky more than anyone else in the world, I mean they were tag team champs at one point.

Brie Bella: Another rookie who has a title around her waist, while I'm still waiting in line. Nevertheless, she has evolved as a individual and has the potential to bring prestige to that championship. But now, someone needs to put her down.

Brooke Tessmacher: She's a great wrestler! Her title reign? It may not last long. Carmella is the one to defeat her.

Cassie: Becky has been outstanding so far, she's a beautiful person on the inside and out. Her current work has been good, her title reign? I think it could be spiced up a little but yeah its been good. And who will defeat her for the title? I personally think Aksana but Becky is always full of surprises, I'm pretty sure no one would have thought she would ever beat Aksana in the first place let alone be World champion so yeah, good work Becky!!

Carmella: Well, Becky deserves that title so I'm happy for her. I'm glad she finally took it away from Aksana. She's a great champion, but lately she hasn't been so active. However, if I had to choose someone to beat her, it would be my partner Alicia Fox or Beth Phoenix.

Cody Rhodes: She's a good performer, I need her reign to last a little longer and probably Brooke.

Dean Ambrose: Becky lynch is a fighter, she's good. Yeah she's real good. she's got an erotic flair around her. That take no prisoners mentality. That said she should face a similar opponent. That devilish little angel girl Alexa Bliss. Folks get your popcorn ready for this one.

Kelly Kelly: Boring, terrible, terrible, and Jade of course.

Lita: Becky is another one of those that I never thought would rise to the occasion, her and Aksana's union made me think that she'd never get her own shot at the big leagues. But again, I was wrong. Also, she's another rocker chick, that can't hurt? Can it? And as of late, I've really enjoyed watching her backstage during my breaks and before and after my matches. She reminds me of myself at her age. Her title reign was one that was long deserved, ever since her and Aksana broke up, I think she was ready for that shot at the big time. And now she's getting it, so more power to her. As for who will defeat her for that gold? Well..Again I have no idea. There are so many possibilities..but one to watch in that main event scene I'd say would have to be Eve. I know she's the X Division champion, but I think Becky will hold that title for a long time, and who says Eve isn't going to set her sights on it as well?

Madison Rayne: She's good in ring, I wish we saw more of her though. I feel many great newbies such as Mickie and Sable could possibly dethrone her.

Maxine: I don't know how long she's been the World champ but nobody seems to even try and get a match against her everybody's just sitting around.

Naomi: I don't know....I don't notice her I guess that's because she's as irrelevant as her title win.

Nikki Bella: She's great. I love her and her work. Title reign is so far good. I don't know who will beat Becky for title.

Sable: I did not know she was a champion, because the title is wearing her and not vice versa.

Sami Zayn: I love Becky's charisma. She's got a fire in her that some of the other girls don't. But sometimes that can be a bad thing. I can't pin point exactly who has what it takes to beat her, but it'll be someone mean.

Sasha Banks: Becky Lynch...Where do I begin? Um she is an amazing person. She is one of the very few people who have believed in me. When no one thought I could be champion, Becky was right there saying I could. There is a lot of drama backstage that the fans don't know about and through it all Becky has been one of my best supporters. Her current ring work is amazing. She is one of the best around and she is very humble about it. Her title reign is something I've been enjoying. I was always hopeful she would find success after BeckSana and she did. She is having a good reign and doesn't seem to be worried about losing the title. And as for who I think will beat her? Well give me a title shot because I'd be more than happy to take that World title off her hands in a very competitive show stealing match. We have great chemistry so don't be surprised if one day you see the World title coming out to Sky's The Limit.

Trish Stratus: Becky is a great wrestler. Her title reign is great and I think Aksana will beat her.

Becky Lynch will defend the World Title July 4th against Aksana. Becky Lynch is at 31 days as World Champion.