Monday, July 3, 2017


WELCOME to the second ever Revolution Wrestling Draft. The layout and rules are simple; there will be 6 rounds of 3, drafting 18 of our RW Superstars to either Monday Night RAW or Smackdown Live.  After each round there will be an interval or pause/break, during this pause the camera will go backstage to the first person who was drafted that round and they’ll get the opportunity to say  one line (MAX) on them being drafted (E.g, Get ready world, It’s Summer time on RAW/SDL) and then will be cut to the second person who got drafted in that round who will be given the same opportunity and then same goes for the last person drafted in that round. After that there will either be a match scheduled or interview for a selected superstar out of the three or an announcement. IF you are not here on the day, there will be a summary posted on the announcements as they are very important to know regarding RP, however nothing else will be revised. The first post-brand split show will be SDL.

*RP Updates announced*

Round 1:

Draft Pick 1
Draft Pick 2
Draft Pick 3

*** vs ***

Round 2:
Draft Pick 4
Draft Pick 5
Draft Pick 6

*** Backstage Interview w/ 

Round 3:
Draft Pick 7
Draft Pick 8
Draft Pick 9

*** vs Local Competitor 

Round 4:
Draft Pick 10
Draft Pick 11
Draft Pick 12

*Last RP Update explained*

Round 5:
Draft Pick 13
Draft Pick 14
Draft Pick 15

*Shane McMahon announcement*
*** Backstage Interview w/

Round 6:
Draft Pick 16
Draft Pick 17
Draft Pick 18