Saturday, October 1, 2016

Revolution Wrestling Presents: STAR OF THE WEEK!

Star of the Week finally makes it anticipated return with a whole lot of potential stars waiting for YOU the RW Universe to choose one to be the Revolution Wrestling STAR OF THE WEEK!  Here are the runner-ups:

1st: Summer Rae
Summer Rae shocked the entire RW Universe at 
Backlash when she defeated the monster Nia Jax after targeting her damaged neck and retaining her title. The RW Champion didn't stop there, despite being embarrassed on RAW at the hand of Stephanie McMahon, Summer went head to head with RW newest superstar Bayley on Smackdown. Summer yet again came out on top, humiliating and defeating the one woman who has bested her since winning the title, making her undefeated this week. Is all that enough to make Summer Rae your Star of the Week?

2nd: Mickie James  
Backlash was full of surprises, however one of the most shocking surprises was Mickie James defeating Alexa Bliss to become the NEW RW Womens Champion. Mickie held a fiesta on RAW to celebrate her new title win, but was interrupted by the bitter Alexa Bliss and new friend Nia Jax. Unfortunately for Mickie, her happiness was short lived as she faced Nia Jax on Smackdown, the new ally of Alexa Bliss, and fell victim to the dominant powerhouse. Despite this Mickie still has the prestigious belt around her waist, will the new 'Face of Revolution Wrestling' be your Star of the week?

3rd: Beth Phoenix
The 'Glamazon' Beth Phoenix made her impactful return last month, and didn't hesitate to target her former friend and tag partner, Natalya. The two former friends battled it out at Backlash, with Phoenix coming out on top. Beth hasn't made it a secret that she's out to be the top woman in the company, and will destroy anyone in her path. Will the rising superstar be your Star of the week?

4th: Taryn Terrell
If you're looking for a superstar that's fresh, new and rising each day look no further than Taryn Terrell. Preaching her message of 'Blonde Ambition'  the blonde bombshell hasn't disappointed in the squared circle. Whilst bringing her happy and energetic feel to her matches she also gets the job done as seen on RAW. Facing off agaisnt the former contender for the RW championship Taryn defied the odds and after a grueling battle and defeated Jax, showing everyone that she isn't the one to be underestimated. Does this make Taryn your Star of the week?

5th: Santana Garrett
Santana Garrett's career lately hasn't been as what she hoped, constantly losing and not being put in contendership matches or feuds Santana's career was falling. That was until, she put matters into her own hands and feuded with an old friend of hers- Jade. The two squared off at Backlash, and after a well-fought match Garrett secured the win agaisnt her former accomplice. Santana promised that this is only the beginning in her rise to the spotlight. Does this make Santana your Star of the Week?

Now it's up to YOU, Who do you think should be the Revolution Wrestling Star of the Week?