Friday, September 9, 2016

RW Superstar missing from Television?

As has been noted on dirtsheets recently, RW Superstar and rumored cast member of Total Women Cameron has been absent from TV for two weeks. Her last appearance was as a member of the RW Women’s Championship match where she came up unsuccessful by a small margin. Cameron reportedly had become frustrated with being made to look like a secondary talent and her booking in general. Apparently, a big part of her anger stemmed from her Mae Young Battle Royale statue being stripped from her when Revolution Wrestling rebooted in the summer – thus, taking away a chance at a potential title push.

Casey from Squared Circle Sirens writes, “RW Superstar Cameron has worked out the issues of her contract to take personal time off for an indefinite period of time. Revolution Wrestling seemingly let her finagle all the terms she requested for her time off, such as being able to pursue film deals.” It should be noted she was NOT a part of the recent batch of releases with Carmella, Rhaka Khan and Billie Kay. It is unknown when Cameron will return but this is definitely not the last of her in RW.

Posted on the 9th of September 2016, created by RW Backstage Member Tessa