Wednesday, June 29, 2016

REVOLUTION WRESTLING PRESENTS: Tea Time with JoJo Offerman - Season 2!

Hello and welcome back to Tea Time with JoJo Offerman
You asked for it and here it is: My second season!

As always, I'll be giving you your weekly dose of Tea in this All-Summer-Everything Themed Season.

Let's not waste any time and let's get onto the spilling!

The first story of the week is not necessarily about a RW Superstar, however it is about the glorious Girl Group Fifth Harmony, who are set for RW's Annual Summerslam Half-Time Show, and Marcus, who is behind the Official @rwmakeupdivas account on Instagram.
Marcus' famous salon "Ooooh Girl who did your Hair?" in Brooklyn

It is said that all five members of Fifth Harmony (Camila Cabello, Lauren Jauregui, Dinah Jane-Hansen, Ally Brooke and Normani Hamilton) are holding their rehearsals at 'Insta-Famous' hairdresser Marcus' salon, located in Brooklyn, New York.

The famous hairdresser has been known for controversy, like the time one of his hair models with the name of Jennifer was caught in a homophobic scandal, but this must be the first time I have heard of a famous band holding rehearsals in a Hair Salon.

The Bellas on set of Latina Magazine

Now that's some juicy tea. However let's move on to two RW Superstars that have made some headlines themselves this week.

The Bella Twins have been involved in numerous scandals ever since Nikki Bella has gotten her own set of twins, however soon after the sisters landed on the cover of Latina Magazine, controversy started to unfold. We here at Tea Time (Me and my reporters Savanna, Boris and Yoshi) have talked to an Inside Source, which wanted to spill some tea of their own...

Allegedly the sisters were unprofessional to the fullest and...allegedly Brie even went as far as to yell and scream at a worker for buying 'the wrong kind of Avocado' and then laughing at 'the stupidity' of the worker with her sister Nicole.

There's been many rumors about Backstage relationships in the past, however none has shocked me as much as this one...

One of Cameron's more harmless Fetish pictures

Cameron Lynn is said to have an ongoing Friendship with benefits with RW Creative member Sairicio Von Geyselberg. Many people have questioned how Lynn actually puts into her training, ever since she beat Revolution Veteran Alicia Fox to advance in the search for the next Women's Champion.

Cameron is believed to do favors for this Sairicio Von Geyselberg, since she's done Foot Fetish Porn in the past.
Do you believe this rumor? Comment in the comment section below!

This is it for this week, but don't forget to stay tuned and tune into RW Summerslam on August 21st.

This was Tea Time with your girl JoJo Offerman...and remember:

There's always time for Tea!

Stay thirsty, girlies.
- JoJo