Saturday, April 1, 2017

RW WrestleMania 2017: Early Predictions For Scheduled Matches On The Card

RW WrestleMania 2017 is shaping up to be the biggest Pay-Per-View in the history of Revolution Wrestling. With so many people buzzing, wondering what the outcome of the Pay-Per-View will be this Sunday, we took to the creative team of Revolution Wrestling and asked them who they thought would come out victorious in this Sunday's festivities. Take these answers with a grain of salt, as the card seems to be as unpredictable as it can possibly get.


Rosita (ED): "Rosemary is the most psychotic woman we have ever had in RW and in her no DQ match she's gonna show all of us why she's a lethal force in our women's division. Rosemary for the win."

Renee Young (Crazy): "Ever since making her return at the Royal Rumble, Rosemary has been on a roll, destroying everyone in her path. Santana will be no different at Mania. Rosemary for the win."

Ivory (Widows): "Rosemary has been on a hot streak as of late but I think Santana Garrett has just what it takes to extinguish that heat. She's calm and collected and knows when it's time to handle business especially at such a critical point in her career. Santana Garrett for the win."

BREAKDOWN: 2 for Rosemary, 1 for Santana Garrett.


Rosita:  "Victoria has been gone from RW for over a year and came back turning heads when she took out Natalya. She will show off that she is still as dominant as she was before by taking herself a win on the grandest stage of them all."

Renee Young: "Victoria may have been out of action for a while but she has the veteran skills and that's all she really needs to pull out the win. Victoria will outsmart the Fox."

Ivory: "Victoria has recently set her sights on Alicia Fox since returning and is looking to make a statement on why she is the most dominant RW competitor in recent years. Alicia hasn't gained any momentum against Victoria, but I believe her sneakiness and tenacity will help her pull a victory out of the bag. Alicia Fox will stand on top."

BREAKDOWN: 2 for Victoria, 1 for Alicia Fox.

Rosita: "Mickie James is the wild card in this match. Alexa and Trish are respected former champions and so is Mickie James but her unpredictability has helped her shoot up to the top of the food chain and tonight she has the most to prove. WrestleMania falls on April 2nd and that's Mickie's lucky day so I feel like she's definitely getting the win that match!"

Renee Young: "The team of Mickie James and Alexa Bliss didn't last long for a reason. Jealousy is a major issue when it comes to these two. Alexa is jealous that Mickie is the longest reigning Women's Champion and on top of that, Alexa lost that same title to Mickie herself. But don't forget about the unpredictable legend herself, Trish Stratus. I expect Trish to dodge the mind games being played by Mickie James and Alexa Bliss to secure the victory at the grandest stage of them all."

Ivory: "We've seen Mickie James and Trish Stratus duke it out at career-defining moments in both of their careers. However, with the addition of Alexa Bliss, there's some mystery to the dynamic of the match. I believe that Alexa Bliss will pick up the win. We've seen her use Mickie to her advantage in the past and witnessed her take out veterans like Trish Stratus as well because of personal vendettas. She'll have to keep two eyes open, however, as we've seen Mickie and Trish team up in the past to take out a common enemy."

BREAKDOWN: 1 for Mickie James, 1 for Trish Stratus, 1 for Alexa Bliss.


Rosita: "Sasha Banks and Liv Morgan will come out on top. Even though the two ladies hate each other's guts they'll work as a unit to secure a win at the grandest stage of them all, WM. That one common goal will force them to work together and come out on top!"

Renee Young: "Liv Morgan and Sasha Banks will come out on top. Although there will be tension, Sasha and Liv will finally work together as a team to win at the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania.

Ivory:  "Paige and Asuka will come out on top. They're both hard hitters with exceptional in-ring ability. They both have a dislike for Sasha Banks as well that's bringing them together. The Boss does know how to get it done in the squared circle but with her and her partner's (Liv Morgan) rocky history things may not go as plan. But who knows where Sasha and Liv's dis-function will lead them."

BREAKDOWN: 2 for Liv Morgan and Sasha Banks, 1 for Paige and Asuka.


Rosita: "Braun Strowman is a power hungry monster. But the Venom The Undertaker has beaten bigger and badder monsters before in the past. I think Taker is definitely going to come out on top!"

Renee Young: "The Undertaker is a legend. He will win this match against Braun and prove why WrestleMania will always be his show."

Ivory: "Being the phenom that he is The Undertaker will come out on top at the event he made famous: Wrestlemania. Braun Strowman picked the wrong person to mess with."

BREAKDOWN: 3 for The Undertaker, 0 for Braun Strowman.


''Stephanie has been bullying Natalya and she's had enough! Natalya is the best there is the best there was and the best there will ever be! She will defeat and send Stephanie packing at WrestleMania!"

Renee Young: "The last time we saw Stephanie McMahon compete in the ring was Summerslam 2015, going up against AJ Lee. It's been two years since that time so obviously Steph will have a little ring rust when entering the ring. Natalya is wrestling royalty which is great and all but Stephanie knows how to manipulate things so that everything is in her favor.  Stephanie McMahon will pick up the win, keeping her General Manager role."

Ivory: "Stephanie McMahon has been playing mind games with Natalya for the past few weeks. She's resorted to humiliating her in front of millions and even exposing the infidelity in her relationship. Steph certainly has the upper hand mentally but in-ring wise she's at a disadvantage. Natalya, being one of the most adept RW womens wrestler, won't take it easy after all the abuse she's suffered. An angry Hart isn't one to mess with so I think Natalya will get her revenge and give Stephanie a taste of her own medicine."

BREAKDOWN: 2 for Natalya, 1 for Stephanie McMahon.


"Emma will come out on top at WM and retain her championship! She's being hungry for the chance to be champ and she's not going to let herself lose it to a rookie like Mandy!"

Renee Young:  "Emma will retain her RW Championship easily against Mandy. Mandy isn't ready for this challenge."

Ivory: "I feel like Mandy Rose will put on her best performance at WrestleMania, however Emma has finally achieved her first championship in RW and if it's truly all about her, she won't let it slip through her fingers without a fight."

BREAKDOWN: 3 for Emma, 0 for Mandy Rose.


Rosita: "Charlotte has been taking Becky too lightly with these set up attacks on her, even having her own mother call out Becky and embarrass her. Becky Lynch has the most to prove against Charlotte and I think she'll come out on top!"

Renee Young: "For the last few weeks, Charlotte has been showing the entire RW Universe on why she's the dirtiest player in the game and come WrestleMania, she'll do everything in her power to win that RW Women's Championship. Charlotte Flair leaves this one with the Women's title."

Ivory: "Charlotte has been very impressive ever since winning the Royal Rumble and has been riding the road to WrestleMania like only a Flair could. Since detaching from her BFF's for a bit, she's become nastier and more cutthroat than ever. However, Becky Lynch has been a very tough competitor to beat ever since she became champion. She's managed to fire back at Charlotte's dirty tricks, keep her head high walking into WM with her title, and I think she'll walk out the same way."

BREAKDOWN: 2 for Becky Lynch, 1 for Charlotte Flair.

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