Thursday, June 18, 2015

Revolutionary Divas Season 3! Judges revealed, interview with them, details and more!

-Revolutionary Divas is back! With a new cast, new challenges, lots of drama and new judges! Wanna meet the two new judges!? They are always on RW Genesis and Rebellion, one of them is a former RW World Champion and the other is the current 1/2 half of the tag team champions: They are Aksana and Alicia Fox! 

  • Alicia, you were in the the last two seasons of Revolutionary Divas, and you were always in the final about to win. But now you are returning as a judge  How do you feel about this experience and opportunity!?
  • Alicia Fox: that's right, I got final two in my last two seasons and with Aj & Carmella stepping down from hosting duty I think having a Two time finalist taking the spot is great, I couldn't believe it when I got the call. I am very, very excited and to be hosting with My friend is incredible!
  • Aksana, you were in Season 2, and you almost got the win. But after being eliminated, you got a huge push and became the world champion Now, you are back in the competiton, but as a judge, alongside Alicia Fox. How do you feel about this!?
  • Aksana: feel very guhd bout this, yu kno me and Aleesha been friends for very long time and since I get to share dis expieriens wit somewan Im glad its Aleesha.
  • What side of Foxy we will see this season!? And also, who would you like to join the cast this season!?
  • Alicia Fox: Well you all know I'm kind of crazy -She laughs- so expect lots of quirkiness! But I'm also very honest so the contestants better watch what they say to me. Honestly I'd like to see Beth return, she was unfairly eliminated last season, I was the only girl not to vote her out. It'd be also interesting to see AJ Lee or Carmella. Also, new diva Devin Taylor could add lots of drama that could definatly rock the house!
  • What can we expect from this new Aksana this season!?
  • Aksana: Yu can probably expect a lot of...Drama? -She laughs- Everywan dat kno me will kno..I won't be scare to yell at dem and tell dem when dey do sumthing wrong -She blushes a bit and smiles-
  • Now, Alicia and Aksana, what can the people expect from this new and crazy season!?
  • Alicia: Each season gets better, so this could be the best season yet! Expect lots of drama, lots of laugh and some strong personalities. Also lots of twists to keep contestants on edge. It will be explosive
  • Aksana: Yu can expect lot of talent, expect lots of Aksanaaa -She smiles- And yu can expect lots of entertaimen. Dis season will be like no othar!
-In addition this, the first Divas to be confirmed for Revolutionary Divas Season 3 are the newest addition to the roster Lita and KC Cassidy! I hope they are ready, because this season will be amazing!